Speaking Engagements

Speaking at events is the best way to confront new ideas to an audience, make connections, spot the best marketers and strengthen relationships with partners.


Advertising Week NYC
The Future of Travel in a Mobile First World

MAU Vegas
Beyond Marketing: Growth Through Personalization and Push Notifications

Mobile Growth Summit San Francisco
Cool Shit We Do With Attribution Data

Mobile Growth Summit Canada
Hopping your Way to Success with a Story-First User Acquisition Strategy

Mobile Attribution & Mobile Analytics Summit San Francisco
Ads automation is coming for our jobs. Finally.

Mobile Attribution & Mobile Analytics Summit São Paulo
David vs Goliath: How the Hopper App is Taking on Travel Giants Using Mobile Growth Strategies

App Promotion Summit NYC
How We Used Social Stories And Influencers To Promote Our App

App Growth Summit NYC
Creating Content and Building an Active Community

Smartly Webinar
Instagram Advertising 101 — From Takeoff to Landing

Mobile Growth Nightmares Podcast
Stories from Duolingo, Hopper, and Tubi TV

Digital Travel Summit Vegas
Hopper - Facebook Ads Automation Strategy


MAU Vegas
Data-Driven UA at Hopper: How Top-Of-Funnel In-App Events Power Better Media Buys

MTL+Ecommerce Travel Edition
Hopper User Acquisition’s Strategy

Mobile Growth Canada
Mobile User Acquisition in the Travel Industry

Eye For Travel
A Flying Start to Automating Travel Ads

McGill X-1 Accelerator Workshop
Growth Marketing 101

McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship Workshop
Social Media Strategy for Startups


SEMPO Montreal
AdWords Automation - How Busbud Manages Millions of Keywords